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Environmental Services

  1. Adopt-A-Street Activity Report

    This form, in conjunction with the volunteer signature forms, are the reporting requirement of the quarterly clean-up for your... More…

  2. Adopt-A-Street Schedule Cleanup and Request Supplies

    Schedule your next cleanup and request supplies

  3. Commercial Waste Services Application

    New Commercial Waste Applicants must have opened a Frisco water account and have a Certificate of Occupancy.

  4. Environmental Education Request Form
  5. Metal Recycling Pick-Up

    Frisco residents can schedule to have their metal items and appliances picked-up curbside for recycling.

  6. Teens4Green Ambassador Application

    Are you interested in being a leader in your school? Apply to be an ambassador for Teens4Green where you can help get teens in your... More…

  1. Adopt-A-Street New Team Application

    Apply for you and your team to adopt-a-street

  2. Clean It & Green It Event Satisfaction Survey

    Volunteers that participated in the city-wide litter cleanup are asked to provide feedback from their experiences to help Environmental... More…

  3. Construction Waste Services Application Form

    Construction Waste in the City of Frisco is franchised for all dumpsters. To order a dumpster please fill out the following form.

  4. Increase Residential Services

    Increase residential waste services, trash, recycling, one-time extra pickup.

  5. Residential Rent-A-Bin

    For City of Frisco Residents to Rent a 6 yard waste dumpster.

  6. Waiver 2018 Clean It & Green It Volunteer

    Waiver of Liability for volunteers to the City of Frisco's annual Earth Day celebration, Clean It & Green It.